Terms and Conditions for In-Person Group Classes in Kilkenny


At MumTrainer, represented by Gina Prónay-Zakar Personal Trainer), we are fully committed to complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. Safeguarding the personal information you share with us is of utmost importance. We ensure that your personal data is kept securely and used to enhance your experience. For more details on how we handle your personal data, please consult our Privacy & Cookies Policy.

PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire)

  • Completing the health questionnaire is essential before joining any programme (except if you are an existing participant in a programme conducted by the Service Provider and your health condition has remained unchanged since your previous questionnaire submission.
  • The first page of the form contains general questions and a PAR-Q form. If you answer ‘YES’ to any of the 8 questions, you will need GP clearance to participate in an exercise program. We’re happy to liaise with your GP or other medical professionals regarding the nature of your chosen program.
  • The second page is only for participants of MumStrength, Mum3X, and Mums and Babies Pilates programmes. If you’ve selected a different course, please skip this section by clicking the ‘NEXT’ button at the end of the page.
  • The third page is compulsory for everyone. While the entire form may seem lengthy, it typically takes no more than 3-4 minutes to complete. We greatly appreciate your thorough completion, as this information is crucial for understanding your medical background and providing you with the best service.

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions in the PAR-Q, it is imperative that you discuss this with your medical professional BEFORE engaging in physical activity. Inform your doctor about your intention to exercise and which questions you answered “yes” to. If, at any point, your health changes in a way that results in a “yes” answer to any of the above questions, please seek guidance from your GP.

For safety reasons, we reserve the right to decline applicants if the programme is unsuitable due to contraindications.

Exercise Programme Information

  • The exercise programme will be tailored to the current fitness level and goals of the group members.
  • You may experience exertion and discomfort during sessions, particularly during cardio exercises.
  • All activities will be clearly demonstrated, and we welcome your questions.
  • While we make every effort to minimise risks, it is essential to understand that any exercise programme inherently carries some level of risk.
  • If you encounter undue pain or discomfort, you must cease the activity and inform the instructor. You have the freedom to withdraw from any activity at any time.
  • You comprehend the nature, purpose, risks, and benefits of the programme, and you can choose to withdraw at any time.

Liability Waiver

  • Participation in any exercise programme involves inherent risks.
  • By participating in this programme, you voluntarily release the instructor, facility, and affiliates from any liability for injuries, damages, or adverse outcomes. This waiver includes injuries, illnesses, and damages that may result from the potential negligence of any person present at the venue.
  • It is advisable to consult with a medical professional before commencing the programme, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions.
  • You agree to promptly inform the instructor of any changes in your health or medical status that may affect your participation.

By submitting your health questionnaire, you acknowledge your understanding of and voluntary agreement to the terms and conditions outlined in this informed consent and liability waiver.


  • If you are eligible for any discount code, please add that when you are signing up.
  • Please note that the participation fee is non-refundable; however, if you’re not satisfied after the first session, we will refund the full fee to you.
  • Your participation in the programme will only be confirmed after completing the health questionnaire and receiving your payment.
  • All applicants must complete a detailed health questionnaire and we reserve the right to refuse any applicants if the programme isn’t suitable for them due to contraindications. In this case, the fee will be refunded to their bank account.
  • For efficient programme organisation, we kindly request that you make your payment 7 days before the planned starting date via bank transfer. Due to high demand, this allows us to coordinate all necessary arrangements and ensure a smooth programme start.

Minimum and Maximum Number of Participants

To provide the best experience and individual attention, our class sizes are limited. We never accommodate more than 15 participants, except for specific classes where we limit participation to 8 for postnatal recovery and postnatal Pilates, and 12 for 60+ classes and Pilates for All. In order to commence a programme, we require a minimum number of 4-6 participants, depending on the specific programme. Once this minimum is met, registered participants will be promptly notified via email, confirming that the programme is guaranteed to start. In the event that a programme cannot begin due to not reaching the minimum participant requirement, all fees paid will be promptly refunded.

Venue of the Group Classes

  • All the classes take place in the premises of Kilkenny Sports Therapy, Unit 24, Hebron Industrial Estate, Hebron Rd, Leggetsrath West, Kilkenny, R95 E0PN (Just above the Dragons Lair Martial Arts Centre).
  • Please note that the venue is only accessible through stairs.
  • The venue is well-heated, but always make sure to dress in layers.
  • There are free parking spaces available in front of the buildings.

Bank Details

  • Recipient’s Name: Gina Pronay-Zakar
  • AIB Bank
  • IBAN: IE77AIBK93319857533087 (BIC: AIBKIE2D)
  • Please include your name if you transfer from another account and the programme you registered as the transaction reference for accurate crediting.
  • Should a bank transfer be unavailable for any reason, please contact us at 0871941925.

Invoice and Refund Policy

  • Once your payment is received, you will receive an invoice via email.
  • Please note our refund policy:
  • Cancellation with at least 5 days’ notice (at least 120 hours before the first session’s starting time) is eligible for a 100% refund.
  • Cancellation with less than 5 days’ notice incurs a 50% fee.
  • Refund is not available for cancellations with less than 3 days’ notice (less then 72 hours before the starting time)