IRIE – The Integrative Exercise for Women

​IRIE – The workout method designed for women

IRIE is an integrative workout method that I originally designed in 2016 for women with endocrine conditions.

IRIE is an evidence-based training method with several satisfied former and current clients, both online and in person.

You can start a program from a beginner level, and the intensity will gradually increase week by week.

I believe that you are the ultimate expert on your own body. You know best whether you can perform an exercise and to what extent, as well as when it’s time for a rest. Nevertheless, I’m here to support you throughout, making the training process more comfortable for you. I’m keen to show you how to ‘interpret’ your body’s signals, help you tune in to your physical sensations, and guide you in adapting your movements in response to these cues. Additionally, I will instruct you on the performance of fundamental movements and their integration into your daily life.

IRIE is an intelligent training approach designed for those who are keen to gain a deeper understanding of how their bodies function, rather than simply adhering to rules and restrictions imposed by others.

IRIE is for:

– making your muscles not only stronger but also smarter

– preventing low back pain

– avoiding sport-related injuries

– improving hormonal balance, even if you have PCOS, thyroid issues, are trying to get pregnant or going through the menopause transition.

– (re)learning fundamental movement patterns that help you to move well in your everyday life

– improving your breathing pattern, core function and pelvic floor health

– learning to enjoy regular exercise

Classes in Kilkenny

Intermediate/Advanced: Our next 7-week programme will start on 6 November at 6:15 pm in Kilkenny Sports Therapy (Unit 24, Hebron Industrial Estate, Leggetsrath West, Kilkenny, R95 E0PN)

Beginner: The next 7-week programme commences on 6 November at 7:30 pm in Kilkenny Sports Therapy.


7 sessions cost €70.

All applicants must complete a detailed health questionnaire. For your safety, I reserve the right to refuse any applicants if the programme is not suitable for them due to any contraindications.

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