My journey

Allow me to provide a bit more personal introduction as well…

My way from eating disorders to being a body-neutral fitness trainer

From struggling with eating disorders since my teenage years, and working at a desk as a PR specialist, to becoming a body-neutral Fitness Trainer, I have overcome some ups and downs. While I looked like a successful woman to others, body-image issues and eating disorders left me feeling hopeless and worthless for decades. Living with ADHD and PCOS, I have faced additional obstacles, and sometimes I had to pull myself out of the mud.

One of these was when, at the beginning of 2012, within a very short period of time, my father died, I was diagnosed with insulin resistance and I was fired from my workplace, so I decided to take a sabbatical year to think about my life and future. I went to Spain with a single backpack and spent almost a year there volunteering and wandering a thousand miles from Andalusia to Galicia. Upon returning home, I was finally determined to dedicate my life to being a Fitness Trainer for women like me, women with PCOS and other hormonal issues. I established my own small fitness studio in downtown Budapest, a safe space for women with endocrine disorders at any age and at any body, and it evolved into a highly popular place within months. And I became a well-known coach, a popular fitness columnist for websites, even though I still didn’t look like a fitness model. At that time, in my home country, weight stigma in the fitness industry was enormous. Yet, even in my worst moments, I remained my own harshest critic. This created a huge internal tension in me, which did not help my decades-old body-image issues.

I had already been working as a fitness professional but it wasn’t until seven years ago that I finally found healing from eating disorders and began to see things differently. I slowly recognised that everyone, even myself, is unique and deserving of love and respect. I stopped to torment my body and started to nurture it. As a Personal Trainer, I now approach my clients with a body-neutral mindset, focusing on the performance and well-being of a body rather than its look.

Moving to Ireland

My story is not just one of resilience and self-knowledge, but also of love and adventure. Actually, it was Bono’s fault that I moved to Ireland 5 years ago… 😀 Surprising myself with a trip to Ireland (for the first time in my life) and a U2 gig in Dublin for my 40th birthday led me to meet my future husband in Croke Park and move to Kilkenny to be with him. This wonderful city was the place where I gave birth to our first daughter three years later, at the age of 43.

Living in Ireland is a lucky coincidence for me. But I have always felt that it’s important to understand the purpose of living in a foreign country and contribute to the community. I didn’t want to assimilate but integrate into the community and be a valuable part of it. That was why I decided to improve my English and get the Irish fitness qualifications, too, so shortly after I arrived in Ireland, I went back to learn as a full-time student. Although it seemed like an incomprehensible delay to many, it turned out to be the best decision in the end. Now, as a Sports Tutor for the local Sports Partnership and Education and Training Board, I am dedicated to bringing exercise opportunities to those who have much less access to that, including older adults, people living in rural areas, or people with disabilities. As a self-employed Personal and Group Trainer, I am still passionate about serving the needs of women with hormonal disorders and pre and postnatal moms. I’ve resided in this charming city for five years and it’s great to bump into more and more familiar faces. The feeling of belonging and comfort in a place where I have no prior connections is a beautiful experience. A sort of homecoming.

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