MumTraining for Every Mum at Any Age

If you have given birth, whether it was 2 weeks or 20 years ago, you are a mom. And if you are a mom, you are more than welcome to attend any MumTraining exercise program that I host.

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In what cases can you benefit from this course?

  • If you are experiencing any level of pelvic floor dysfunction—yes, that little leak in your pants when you squeeze also counts.
  • If you often have low back pain but never considered that it might be related to your past pregnancies.
  • If you experience shortness of breath and muscle tightness in your trunk.
  • If you often feel anxious and have sleep problems without any obvious reason.
  • If you are eager to return to regular exercise but don’t know where to start.

Whether you want to regain your exercise routine or need guidance on where to begin, this program offers a gradual, thoughtfully structured approach to help you achieve your fitness goals. In each class, we incorporate mobility, core stability, and flexibility mat-based exercises. As the course progresses, we introduce the use of small equipment to further enhance the practice of fundamental movements.

Key Focus Areas of the Program:

  • Enhancing Breathing Patterns and Pelvic Floor Function
  • Strengthening the Mind-Body Connection for Improved Neuromuscular Control
  • Developing the Ability to Listen to and Respond to Your Body’s Signals
  • Building Better Core Stability
  • Enhancing Spinal Mobility and Preventing Low Back Pain
  • Relearning Fundamental Movement Patterns for Everyday Life
  • Cultivating Smarter, Stronger Muscles
  • Fostering a Love for Regular Exercise and Preparing for Your Favorite Classes

The upcoming MumTraining program begins on September 21st at 5:45 PM, and it will be held at Koru Wellness (Castle Yard, behind the Design Centre).

The 6-week small group course is priced at €95 for 6 sessions, covering the period from September 21th to October 30th. You can sign up here (and don’t forget your discount code:)

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